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Oldcar Spider

Experience a tour in golden shiny limousine

  • The capacity of the car is 5 people + driver
  • It is equipped with powerful dampers for higher ride comfort
  • The interior is much more spacious than ordinary cars
  • Modern heated seats will keep you warm in every weather
  • We save the environment, we use alternative fuel LPG
  • In this limousine you will feel like a movie star!


 experience a ride in replica of racing cabrio for yourself!


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"Goldberry, Snow White and Maja"

We call it "Goldberry," it was built to make each ride an extraordinary experience. Looking for a car that would make your wedding, celebration or party a day that noone will ever forget? Now you have found it! This car will take you back in time and suddenly you’ll find yourself in a dazzling times of jazz when people enjoyed life to the fullest.


Experience a ride in the style of Great Gatsby! Choose from our sightseeing  tours, or we can plan one according to your wishes.

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