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€ 505 for the car
Max. 4 people
6 hours

One hour long drive leads through picturesque landscapes right to the impressive gothic castle Karlštejn.

During 3 hours there you will manage to visit the castle and its gardens and a local restaurant.

Karlštejn was built in 1348 by Charles IV as a place to store the royal treasure and the crown jewels. In the castle chapel you’ll find the largest portrait gallery of Czech rulers and a replica of the St. Wenceslas crown.


€ 835 for the car
Max. 4 people
10 hours

During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit the largest, most famous spa town in Czech republic.

Journey will take less than 2 hours and you will spend 4 hours there.

Karlsbad is famous for its 13 hot springs with a temperature of 70°C. This town offers amaizing Pseudo-Rennaissance wooden colonnades in Swiss style with springing mineral water. You will also have time to visit small local glass and potery shops and amazing traditional Czech restaurant.


€ 345 for the car
Max. 4 people
4 hours

Visit a romantic castle where one of the first electric lifts, or plumbing were installed. The journey takes approximately an hour and you‘ll spend 1,5 hour there. You can visit rooms of Franz Ferdinand, the Archduke of Austria, a large collection of antlers or the factory museum of JAWA, unique exhibit of famous motorcycles and castles park with romantic corners, statues and a alive bear, that is worth seeing.


€ 400 for the car
Max. 5 people
5 hours

Concentration camp and Jewish ghetto, the only institution of its kind in the country is located north to Prague. It‘s about 1 hour drive from Prague and during the time you will spent there you will take a guided tour that will take about 2 hours.

This former garrison town was built in the 18th century. During the World War II this large area was converted by the Nazis to a place of suffering. You will visit Memorial and learn the history behind the walls of one of the largest camps in the Czech Republic.

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Price: € 505 for the car

dárek 1
400 Kč ( 16 € )

Enjoy a chilled Prosecco during the journey!

dárek 2
600 Kč ( 24 € )

Roses will please every woman.

Total price 505

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