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Trip to Karlštejn Castle

Experience an unforgettable day full of adventure and beautiful nature with our exclusive 6-hour trip to Karlštejn Castle. This unique ride includes a passage through the picturesque streets of Prague and then will take you into the enchanting countryside towards Karlštejn Castle.

Trip highlights:

Passage through Prague: We will start by picking you up in the inner centre of Prague and take you on a scenic route through Prague.

Journey into nature: Once we leave the city, you will find yourself in the arms of the beautiful Czech countryside. Enjoy a leisurely ride with panoramic views and picturesque villages on the way to Karlštejn Castle.

Karlštejn Castle: Upon arrival at Karlštejn Castle, you will have the opportunity to explore this impressive medieval fortress. The price of the trip includes admission to a guided tour of the castle chambers, where you will learn about the fascinating history and secrets of the castle.

Refreshment with prosecco or soft drinks: During your ride, we’ll provide you with a bottle of delicious prosecco so you can enjoy a great experience. If you’re more of a non-alcoholic drink fan, we’ll be happy to provide you with popular soft drinks as well.

Flexibility and adaptation: Your satisfaction is our priority. We are happy to adapt to your individual requirements, stopping at interesting places and ensuring you enjoy every moment.

Enjoy the unique combined experience of a passage through Prague, beautiful nature and a visit to Karlštejn Castle during our exclusive 6-hour trip.

360 min
5 pax
€ 504